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Work Out Of The Day

Wednesday • April 23, 2014
Warm Up
100 Singles or 50 Doubles
10 Pass Thrus
6 Pull Ups
Hurdler Stretch
10 Push Press w/pvc
10 Leg Swings each Leg
Skill - Push Press Work up to 80% 1 RM then 5x3
10 Front Squats 115/75 95/65 75/55
200 M Sprint
Rest 30 seconds between each round
Post Workout
75 Sit Ups

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I left the girl who I was supposed to be.

Posted on:April 22nd, 2014    |    By:

Posted by Bob Weaver – I was talking to one of our female members and she mentioned that the Saturday WOD, Hotshot 19, actually caused her to lose her lunch after the work out. So when I read the article below from Words with Lisbeth I knew it was a post everyone would enjoy..

I left the girl I was supposed to be. The polite person who said all the right words and didn’t offend. The one who carried on for the children’s sake. The one with the perfect job and the perfect family in the perfect house.

It took me a long time to leave her. Years. And years. And years. It took a while to define myself.

And it’s an ongoing process. I leave the other girl daily, every single time I pick up the barbell or swing a kettlebell. That girl— the polite one, the one society told to be a “good girl” and “play nice”—she runs away every time I run, or lift, or even start to breathe heavy during the warm-up.

She’s not who I want to be. She’s not who I ever wanted to be. She’s the girl I thought I had to be, for everyone else. But they didn’t know me. And that was my fault, because I was too scared to let anyone see who I really was. But I’m not scared anymore.

When I’m in the gym, you might find a lot of things there with me: chalk, tape, blood, heart, sweat. Foot stomping. Grunting. Sometimes, the F bomb — to celebrate, or motivate.

But you will rarely find perfect. In my form. In my words. In me. I try, but I don’t always get there. I am a work in progress.

And I will be a work in progress until the moment I cease breathing. It took me a long time to realize that’s okay, and that the perfect girl is gone. But the one who stayed is pretty kickass. I actually like her a whole lot better.

Gone is that girl who doesn’t believe in herself. You won’t find her here. You also won’t ever find a girl who thinks that if you lift big, you get “too big.” What is “too big” anyhow? Who the heck decided that? What a bunch of bullhuey. What a passel of small-mindedness passed around by people who never realized how wonderful life could be. Ignore it all, my friends.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned in life is this: Never let anyone else define how you should be. It’s your life. Push past the small minds and press on towards your big, bad, beautiful self. Define yourself.

Now, get in the gym or out on the trail or into your notebook or wherever you feel huge and alive, and go hard. Be the person you always wanted to be. It’s not too late.

Happy Monday Aviators!

Posted on:April 14th, 2014    |    By:

Hey all,
Coach Marcos coming to you on this inaugural CrossFit Aviator blog post. I hope the weekend treated you all well and ready for another full week of fun filled training. I would like to begin by saying that I appreciate all the Aviator athletes welcoming me since my arrival a few months ago, and it has been a great opportunity to work with each of you and watch your amazing progression in such a short time. For those that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting I hope to change that in the near future.
With that being said I would like to share some of the programming goals that we have for you, as we continue to assist Aviator athletes reach goals and keep kicking butt at each of your endeavors.
The previous two Mondays at CrossFit Aviator we have been able to gain a better insight into the current status of our athletes in both the squat and pressing series. These tests have been to gauge your status as an athlete in order further individualize scaling options to provide you with the best possible opportunity to (safely) excel, and test your fitness each day. Each Monday will be a “testing” day in one of the eight lifts with the soul purpose of providing a tool to scale according to your ability. With an accurate number on what your current strength levels are at a given lift an according percentage regarding volume (amount of reps), intensity (weight) or both will be available (when applicable) for the workout of the day (WOD) to allow for the athlete to perform at their highest individual physical output. There will continue to be strength/skill portion each day prior to the WOD as usual, as well as a general weight prescription to be used for those that may not have a max percentage.

Once the gym completes the six week cycle of 1RM testing and according strength and conditioning work, the seventh week will be used to test a classic CrossFit WOD as well a de-loading week in order to allow athletes to recharge. The cycle will restart again on the eighth week in order to retest the eight lifts over another six weeks.
The goal here is to gauge strength levels of each athlete and improve strength of the athlete over six weeks with testing on the seventh week. As the percentage of WOD weight (or amount of reps increase regarding non barbell/gymnastics movements) are less and less of the athlete’s 1RM, the ability of the athlete to maintain quality movement, and improve times, and overall power output will increase. This template will allow athletes to track and understand how to scale amount of reps or weight (intensity) for a given WOD to match their current ability, which will constantly evolve as training time continues, strength improves and proficiency is demonstrated.

For those athletes that are not able to make the Monday 1rm tests please let your coach know in order to allow for another testing time during the week. As we embark in testing our 1RM’s keep in mind that posture and position rule and should be observed no matter what. 1RM’s for our purpose should be viewed, as a heavy single that takes significant effort to complete however does not entail purposely searching to fail the lift. In this regards a certain amount of intuition should be utilized while undergoing 1RM testing. Each athlete should be aiming for an effort in which the next rep would most likely result in a missed lift, and have certain amount left in the “tank”. This may not readily be known or felt to the athlete so as always please consult with your coach for loading guidance for the given lift.

I look forward to seeing everyone and further assisting you in reaching your goals. Please don’t hesitate to stop me at the gym to ask questions or just say hi.



A. deadlift 1RM

B. 5 rounds
30 double unders
10 KB sumo hi-pull 1.5/1

rest 1min then…

10 burpee wall ball 20/14
*1 rep complete after one wall ball then one burpee complete. do not perform burpee with wall ball in hand.
10 HR pushups

warm up:

400m run

air squat x 10
glide kip x 10
inch worm (1rm length)
high knees (down/back)
pushups x 10
pass throughs x 20

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