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Work Out Of The Day

Tuesday • August 30, 2016
Warm Up
coaches choice
Part A
Seated KB press 3 x10 alternate with
Goblet squats 3 x10
Part B
5 rounds for time
10 deadlifts 185/135
20 russian KB swings 32/24
Post Workout

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Member Of The Month

We love our members and want them to know it. Each month we congratulate a member and crown them Member Of The Month. It takes dedication and drive to make a change and we love to encourage our members to do it. Read about those addicted, determined and just starting out, and see what CrossFit has done for them.

Tom Lucas — August 2016 Member Of The Month

Posted on:August 2nd, 2016    |    By:


Our member of the month is Sad Tom Lucas. He is a regular to the 5pm or 6pm class. He has made great strength gains since starting CrossFit Aviator including the 500 pound deadlift. He makes bar muscle ups and wall balls look easy. Soon he will become a LA county firefighter!! Everyone is better in the afternoon classes when Sad Tom is there.

I asked him a couple questions and here are his answers

1. How long have u been doing CrossFit
1 year and 4 months

2. What was your first accomplishment?
Bar muscle ups / ring muscle ups

3. What is your biggest challenge?
Keeping pace on long workouts and not burning out to early. It’s not a race

4. What are your goals for 2016?
Stop eating cake and learn how to hand stand walk!

5. What makes you keep coming to CrossFit Aviator?
The members keep me coming.. Getting motivation and that push from others really has helped me with some of my bigger lifts and PRs I’ve set.. If it wasn’t for them I don’t think I would have set those

So if you make an afternoon class say Hi to sad Tom!!!

Elvia Ramos — July 2016 Member Of The Month

Posted on:July 8th, 2016    |    By:


Our member of the month for July is Elvia Ramos. She is always there to support the members working out in her class or the other classes. She is a great motivator and has made many gains since starting Crossfit. If you don’t know her come to the 7am class and say Hi. Her spirit is the spirit we hope to develop at Crossfit aviator for years to come.

I asked her a few questions and here are the answers

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit?
2 Years and 8 Months

2. What was your first big accomplishment in Crossfit?
My first big accomplishment was being able to do a box jump. It took me a few months to get comfortable with box jumps, because I was scared. In my head, I thought I was going to tip the box or worse break the box. When I got my first box jump I didn’t look back. I kept doing them when the workouts required it. At times, it would take me a long time to finish the workout because I was so slow doing the box jumps. The hard work has paid off. A few weeks ago I was able to do 20 box jumps in a minute. Two years ago, I could only do between 5 – 6 box jumps per minute.

3. What is still your biggest challenge?
I’m not able to do pull-ups or toes-to-bar. When I first started I wasn’t able to hang on the bar, I had no upper strength. Now I could hang on the bar, Kip and do shoulder shrugs. It’s all work in progress.

4. What are your goals for 2016?
I want to be able to do at least one toe-to-bar and to master my double unders.

5. What do you love about Crossfit Aviator?
I really love the people at CrossFit Aviator. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. Everyday I’m motivated by my peers. I admire the ones that RX the workouts, and I’m motivated by the ones that struggle like myself, but are determined to finish.

The coaches are awesome! They have encouraged me to work hard and get out of my comfort zone. They have given me the confidence to believe in myself and have pushed me to limits I didn’t think possible.

I love the workouts, they are challenging. Everyday you do something different. I like the soreness I feel in my body. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. In the past year I have gone up on weight in a lot of my lifts. I have also RX’d in a few workouts.

6. If someone says I can’t do Crossfit cause it’s too hard, how do you motivate them to come and try?
Give CrossFit a try. We are all here to do the same workout, just everyone does it differently, based on their abilities. At CrossFit Aviator you will be motivated by all the members. You will see people there of different ages and fitness levels, working out. Everyone is struggling, but motivating each other in the workouts. CrossFit is challenging, but the key to success is knowing your limits. Everyday you will notice your endurance and strength improve.

7. Who do u think is going to win the games this year?
It’s really hard to predict who’s going to win. There are a lot of strong competitors. I’m rooting for Josh Bridges and Sara Sigmundsdottir, those are my two favorites.

Megan Moore – June 2016 Member Of The Month

Posted on:June 7th, 2016    |    By:


Hey congrats you are our first Member Of The Month! We’d love to hear about your CrossFit experiences.

Wow, this is so exciting. Sure I’d love to answer some questions and share with others.

1. What brought you to CrossFit Aviator?
I do CrossFit to stay fit and be part of a community of great people as well as compete against each other. I played D1 college tennis, so CrossFit was a good transition in order to get a full body workout, stay competitive, and challenge myself every day.

2. What was your first goal accomplished (i.e. Pull-ups, Toes to Bar)?
 My first goal accomplished was learning how to do a kip pull up. Another one at wound that same time was learning how to do jump rope double unders!

3. What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is overhead squats – it is a very tough movement, and I have a lot of improvement to do with those in terms of being able to do heavier weight and keep good form.

4. What goal do u have for 2016?
 My goal for 2016 is being able to Rx (to do the prescribed weight) every workout. I Rx most, but there’s times where I just simply cannot do the Rx weight, but I would like to be able to do that each time.

5. What do you love about CrossFit Aviator? What makes u come back?
What I love about CrossFit Aviator is the people and the programming. I feel like I get a really good full body workout each day, but I don’t feel pressured to be a crazy cult-CrossFit fanatic. I like the relaxed vibe at the gym that allows everyone to challenge themselves without being overwhelmed by a crazy intense CrossFit coach. There is a great community of people here as well.

6. Do you think anyone can CrossFit?
Yes, I think anyone can CrossFit.

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